H.I.N.T (TV show pilot)

This movie is the final project of the first year at the course Art & Technology at Saxion University of Applied Sciences Enschede. H.I.N.T is a concept for a crime solving TV show for the Dutch television. Based on an example case, groups of 5 students created a solid concept for a crime solving TV program. The final product was an eight-minute pilot that shows the “look and feel“ of the TV show.

Paul Connery is a retired detective who’s strongest will is to solve expired cases that got rejected due to the lack of clues. The H.I.N.T concept visualizes his work in a narrative way. Every episode tells about a certain (real) crime case. While Mr. Connery introduces the information that has been collected so far, reconstructed scenes will give the viewers a deeper understanding. The goal is to find any help from the audience to hand in hints that have never been considered before.

• scriptwriting
• concept design
• art direction
• camera
• postproduction
• foley & voice over sound design

Watch the pilot!

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