Paper romance (stop motion movie)

The Paper Romance is a project based on a school assignment. The idea was to build a set from paper and film it. The team decided to put a lot of effort in it and make it a stop motion movie. During the whole process more then 2000 pictures had been shot. The set, which was a two by three meter table, was build up in one of the member’s student room to have full flexibility with working time and comfort. Almost the whole set was build up from paper. Especially the main object (the bridge) was modeled in parts in 3D, unfolded in a software called “paperkura”, printed on paper and folded back together for real. The lightning was set up with Christmas light strings behind the facade of the paper buildings. The street lamps have been made from cupper tubes and sheet metal. Every lamp had a white LED in it that was connected to the electric circuit. The whole process of building and shooting took the team of five students four months of work.

The idea of the movie is the love between two characters that cannot reach each other because of an obstacle. We tried to keep it as simple as possible due to the time pressure and the financial budget.

• modeling (clay, paper, digital 3D)
• film set & camera crane construction
• camera & lightning
• animation

Watch the movie!

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