Groovebox (promotion movie)

The “Groovebox” is an interactive art installation developed during a project at the Art & Technology course at Saxion University of Applied Sciences Enschede. This movie was made to promote the exhibition at “Giensch collection” Enschede. You can see sketches of the installation on the attached pictures. The store sells high quality second hand wear and also new products all in the style of the 70’s. The attached moodboard describes the style and the atmosphere of the shop.

Since the major target group of the store is women, the “Groovebox” concept was designed to appeal to the female gender. The promise is that the box will make its user reveal the “good old times” while browsing through closing items within the installation. Since most of the women visiting this store are 40+ the message is to stay young and fresh with fashion from Giensch. The goal is of course to seduce the visitors to enter the store to purchase a product.

• concept design
• shooting
• art direction
• postproduction & compositing

Watch the movie!

Official website

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